Allie Rogers

Welcome to the website of Allie Rogers, Brighton author.


Allie’s first novel, Little Gold, published  by Legend Press.


“Such a wonderfully moving and atmospheric novel, full of very real and very touching relationships. A brilliant portrayal of the pain and wonder of leaving behind childhood, beautifully evocative of a Brighton summer in the 1980s.”

Catherine Hall, author of ‘Days of Grace’, ‘The Proof of Love’ and ‘The Repercussions.’




‘Little Gold is a tender, beautifully paced and deeply moving debut. I found the exquisitely drawn characters who were inhabiting this world utterly compelling. Little Gold herself is a wonderful centrepiece, brimming with youth, difference, struggle and virtue and in Peggy Baxter, Rogers has offered up one of the most engaging heroines I have read in a very long time. This is a book about individual struggle that manages to be both life affirming and triumphant.’

Mark Radcliffe, author of ‘Gabriel’s Angel’ and ‘Stranger than Kindness.’

‘Reminiscent of Scout Finch, Little Gold is a great addition to literature’s endearing child characters. Vulnerable but fiercely individual, she navigates danger on many fronts – her broken family, her bullying schoolmates, and the dangers of predatory adults – until she finds an unexpected ally in an elderly neighbour. Vivid, touching, sad and frightening, this book exposes the dark underbelly of 1980s Brighton and left me haunted long after I put it down.’

Umi Sinha, author of ‘Belonging.’

‘Opening Allie Rogers Little Gold I found myself engrossed in a vibrant, moving tale of one family’s struggle to get by.  This is a book about survival, about the pluck and power of a singular child and the fundamental importance of friendship.’

Alison Smith, author of ‘Name all the animals.’

‘A gripping and yet tender novel, and the characters of Peggy Baxter and Little Gold are brilliantly handled. I was rooting for Little Gold from the start, and fascinated and moved by Peggy’s story. Brighton is so vividly depicted, too. It’s a great first novel.’

Bethan Roberts, author of ‘The Pools’, ‘The Good, Plain Cook’, ‘My Policeman’ and ‘Mother Island’.